Signature III

Signature III

3 person sauna

Share your infrared sauna experience or stretch out on your own in Sunlighten’s Signature III home sauna. The Signature III seats up to three people, with a comfortable, multi-function bench that can be removed to maximize room for stretching or yoga. Ten heaters deliver a variety of sauna benefits, including lowered blood pressure, detoxification, and weight loss, and a programmable timer allows you to ensure that your sauna is heated and ready to go when you are. The Signature III is built with commercial grade construction methods and features eco-friendly wood options available in basswood, eucalyptus, and western Canadian cedar.

  • Solocarbon® heaters deliver the highest concentration of far infrared heat available, proven 95% effective
  • Ultra low EMF technology ensures ultimate safety
  • Patented Magne-Seal™ assembly process for easy set up
  • Programmable timer & continuous use options for convenience
  • Available in basswood, cedar and eucalyptus






Signature III Specifications

Exterior: 1,583mm x 1,167mm x 1,973mm
Interior: 1,442mm x 1,014mm x 1,785mm
Bench: 1,438mm x 514mm x 496mm

Sauna Weights: 

  • Basswood – 258 kg

10 heaters 

Electrical: 230v  1900w  8.19a
NS-17 outlet

Compare Far Infrared Saunas

Signature I

960mm W
1,010mm D

1,973mm H
711mm Door Width

Signature II

1,293mm W
1,167mm D

1,973mm H
711mm Door Width

Signature III

1,583mm W
1,167mm D

1,973mm H
711mm Door Width

Signature IV

2,056mm W
1,426mm D

1,973mm H
711mm Door Width

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